Welding Wire PMI What is PMI? - Positive Material Identification (PMI) - Astrolite Alloys PMI is an examination of welding wire and security-relevant components in regard to the used material. It’s on spot, non-destructive and verifies the compliance of the chemical composition of the materials used. Instead of relying on certificates of composition. PMI verification confirms that the alloy is as specified,… Continue Reading >
corrosion resistant port liners Astrolite® C-276 wire for reliable welding performance. - Alloy C276 offers excellent resistance to a range of corrosives like hot contaminated mineral acids, solvents, and solutions (organic and inorganic). Astrolite® C-276 wire for reliable welding performance. Continue Reading >
Titanium Weld Wire Titanium Grade 12 Weld Rod, AWS A5.16 ER Ti-12. - Titanium grade 12 weld rod, AWS A5.16 ER Ti-12. We're preparing this batch for a corrosion application. Continue Reading >
ISO9001 & AS9100 - We're proud of our emphasis on meeting customer requirements. Quality. ISO9001 & AS9100 Continue Reading >